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Why pregnant women should consider proper nutrition

When you are pregnant , you do not actually need to eat too much food as if you eat for two people . In fact , you only need to add about 300 extra calories , which is roughly equivalent to a bowl of cereal with a banana and low-fat milk . Consume small meals , but often with more intensity .

Pregnant women do not actually need to do special diet , except for being a particular disease . The key point in terms of adequacy of nutrients can be obtained by eating various types of food every day . Here are some pregnant women’s nutrition recommended to be consumed , along with its benefits :

Mineral water 

Mineral water is an important element that is useful to take nutrients from the food you eat to the baby in the womb . Lack of drinking water can cause premature birth . Drinking enough water also can prevent hemorrhoids , constipation , excessive swelling , and bladder infections .

Vegetables and fruits 

Vegetables and fruits are the main component of a healthy diet for women who are pregnant . She should eat at least five servings of vegetables and different fruits every day to get a variety of vitamins , minerals , and fiber like banana, red bean, edamame bean, apple, and carrot.

Lean meat, fish , and eggs 

This food group contain a lot of proteins that are essential for infant growth , especially in the first six months in the womb . However, this food group should be sorted and prepared carefully in order not to harm the baby . Fish that contain high levels of mercury can trigger cancer cells in the fetus. Pregnant women also should not consume raw fish to avoid bacterial contamination .


Besides rice , pregnant women need to meet the needs carbohydrates for energy with groceries. Carbohydrates can also be obtained from a variety of pasta , corn , and bread . You can also consume complex carbohydrates rich in fiber and requires a longer process of decomposition of the body before it is absorbed .

Milk and its derivatives

A requirement of calcium and nutrients for bone making can be met by consuming milk and its derivatives such as :     Low-fat milk,Cheese, Soy milk, Tofu, Sardines or orange juice can be consumed as a substitute if you are allergic to dairy products .





Start eating proper nutrition during pregnancy . Nutritionally balanced food intake and maintaining a healthy lifestyle also makes pregnancy Mother became more secure and comfortable .