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How to choose nutritious foods ?

A balanced diet is one that includes the three food groups, but that covers three important features: low in fat, sodium and sugar , to prevent the development of chronic degenerative diseases such as obesity , diabetes or hypertension.

Today we find food everywhere ready to carry meaning that is not natural and therefore includes conservative in their preparation as fat, sodium or sugar in quantities exceeding the recommended daily intake.

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If we reduce the consumption of these three ingredients , well balanced diet, take a healthier diet , but how to choose nutritious foods ?

The first thing to do is identify that the products are low in fat , sodium and sugar , and to be, must comply with the following rules :

Fat : less than 3g of fat per serving
Sodium : less than 250mg sodium per serving
Sugars : less than 10g of sugar per serving


Make a healthy choice!
If you want to know how to choose healthy food, just follow these recommendations:
Low fat

Check labels.
Not cold, better cooked meat, chicken or fish fat food itself. You can eat them boiled, roasted, stewed, baked, or raw water bath.
Use vegetable oils in small portions as a teaspoon of olive oil, grape, sesame seeds, almonds, coconut, hemp, corn, etc.

Low sodium

Buy low-sodium pantry. Why it not means you should consume 0 grams of it, but on the day, your intake should be up to 2000mg.

You do not have to eat tasteless, only moderate consumption, and if you use any seasoned soy sauce on your salad, no longer you add more salt to it. This will help reduce consumption.

Low in sugar

Carefully review the sweets that you like and see how many have too much sugar.
If you are eating desserts opt for light versions of condensed milk or reduced, and tries to balance the sweetness of these to include natural fruit.
Avoid in your diet drinks with added sugar as soft drinks, flavored waters with sugar, soft drinks, artificial juices. If packaged reviews that say 100% juice.

Little touches make all the difference so start by reducing these three ingredients in the diet to eat more nutritious foods. And you, you know choosing healthy foods?