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Home Antiaging Treatments for Your Skin

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Aging is a natural process from which none of us can escape, but to which we can moderate and control so that the passage of the years does not affect our health considerably. That is, we can contribute with a higher life expectancy and a better quality of life.

With the turn of the century, the population of the developed world experienced an increase in life expectancy, which is sustained by the advances in medicine and the improvement of the environment and health conditions. The result has been a population that is aging and vulnerable to the onset of chronic diseases, among others, with diseases associated with the passage of years being the leading cause of death in developed countries.

Neither women nor men like to grow old, it’s a fact. It is normal that we do our best to feel better and prevent the signs of age from taking over our appearance. This is the reason why many people look for natural remedies or home antiaging treatments to slow down the aging process. Here are some of the best anti aging remedies that will help you keep your skin smooth and youthful. Natural remedies for the skin will help erase the visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and flaccidity of the skin on the face and neck.

Effects of Oxidation

We begin to oxidize when the balance between antioxidants and free radicals is broken, attacking the long-lasting proteins like cologen and elastin, and that makes us grow old. In the case of the skin, molecular malnutrition causes collagen and elastin to be destroyed, causing it to lose elasticity and firmness, to increase lines of expression, to appear wrinkles, allergies, deficiencies of the immune system, Premature aging, etc … The body produces antioxidants, but they are not enough, so that is taking what you can from food.

Combat Oxidation

We all want solutions, to combat premature aging. The use of antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals like vitamins A, E, C, are found in plants vegetables and fruits in the minerals Selenium and Zinc, and in substances such as coenzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acid. Foods rich in antioxidants are essential to combat oxidation.

Cosmetic products

It has been shown that cosmetic products containing vitamins in active concentrations retard the aging of the skin. By using Nu Skin we’re committed to help you achieve the best version of you. With state-of-the-art skin care solutions and nutritional supplements formulated to help you defy the aging process, you have the tools you need. Glance forward in time – see a more youthful you. Your complexion appears smoother and more radiant. Your body feels healthier and more vibrant. The key is not only to live more years, but to reach the old age in excellent conditions. Skin care for the outside and supplements for the inside bring your mind and body back into balance. Working together these products create a perfect formula – giving you the key to living younger longer.