Bodybuilding Guide

You’ve spent monthly and even yearly to your physical form, why the cover-up?

Bodybuilding competition requires a physical and mental discipline are far more extreme than other forms of exercise. You will never know what you physically can do until you make a commitment to be the best on the day of competition. No one has a perfect physical on the day of competition, which one will be more muscular and the other will have better muscle definition. Often the lack of symmetry or competitors will have body fat levels that are higher than they wish. Be realistic, you do not have to be perfect, believe am left and prepare your body as well as possible.


Diet or meal arrangements ahead of the competition is the hardest part of preparation for a bodybuilding competition. Exercise can last for 1 or 2 hours but diet is an activity of 24 hours. You must have a strong determination to succeed. Quality food, protein powders and supplements must be prepared properly. The main purpose of the diet ahead of the competition is to reduce the amount of fat as much as possible and at the same time maintaining optimal muscle mass. Be prepared to lose some muscle mass in the process. Correct supplementation can reduce the amount of muscle loss.

When would you start a diet? It depends on your body composition and the time the competition you want to participate. Measure your body fat percentage, many bodybuilders will start training 8-12 weeks before the competition, but there is also a bodybuilder who feel diet 4-6 weeks is enough. It is important to observe the development of your daily. if you do not feel are not progressing fast enough in the process of removal of fat, then Increase your cardio exercise, if possible, do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach. This will force your body to burn calories stored. This exercise alone will have a significant result. But the diet still has an important role in the process of cutting, do not rely too much on the process of cutting the cardio exercise alone.

The last week of the diet is part of the diet is the most important, charging carbohydrates, fats charging, charging sodium and dewatering process is an important trick to be learned. All of this is intended to increase muscle density and maximum vascularity, it is called “peaking”, a condition in which muscles you achieve the size and vascularity greatest. Peak condition only lasts a very short time. It is important to reach peak condition by the time you compete. Miscalculations and missed peak condition during the competition or too quickly obtain peak condition before the match was a fatal error.