Maintaining Healthy Looking Skin and Youthful Appearance

Looking for make-up tips for women of a certain age? You may be surprised to discover that proper skin care is actually by far the most important element in your programme for maintaining healthy looking skin and a youthful appearance. It is far more important than how you apply any make-up. Naturally there are several reasons for the deterioration in our skin as we get older. These include poor diet and the elements that it has been exposed to, including the weather.
Though there are some influences on aging that we may not be able to control, there are some which we can work on and maybe even beat and in some cases even reverse. Here are some techniques you can use to control or reduce the effects of aging and try to reverse some of the damage which may already have been done. It’s never too late to begin a skincare regimen to help you look younger!

Damage Prevention

It doesn’t matter that you have spent much of your younger years in the sun with or without protection, give rise to signs of sun damage today. It’s still not too late to start protecting your skin from additional sun damage. Also, the fact that you are not exposing your skin to direct sunlight all the time, doesn’t mean you are not still experiencing the damaging effects of UV rays. Choosing a good moisturizer or foundation with a high Sun Protection Factor (of at least 15) will help protect you against these negative effects daily without you having to worry about it.

Moisturize and Hydrate

When we think of dehydration, we might first think of being thirsty. But, your skin dries out and gets thirsty too, from the inside and the outside. Drinking plenty of water is one way to improve both the appearance of your skin and its overall health. Complement this with a good moisturizer that penetrates deeply and works continuously throughout the day. Thoroughly hydrating and moisturizing your skin like this can do wonders for the dry patches around your face.


How the rest of your make-up looks depends to a great extent on the foundation you apply.  Using the wrong foundation will can emphasise the cracks and blemished that you are trying to hide. First, choose a foundation with sunscreen already in it to protect your skin from those UV rays we spoke of earlier. Next, choose a foundation that is designed to fill creases and basically over them, successfully camouflaging these signs of aging.

It is also important that you choose the proper colour of foundation for your particular skin colour and type. Women sometimes have a tendency to select a foundation that is just a little darker in order to attain a more tanned look. This doesn’t usually work, because it can accentuate your make-up instead of emphasizing your natural gorgeousness.